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Celebrate February

By Gloria Tafoya
Posted by Gloria Tafoya on February 04, 2019 in No Category
We are officially 35 days into 2019!! I hope for you this means you've started the new year off strong & you're crushing your new year resolutions! It isn't always easy to stick with goals that are new to you & your body. Keep that in mind if your goals involve a new meal plan, working out, or even entering a new class. Everyone has to start out somewhere. Whatever your goals may be, remember to take care of yourself first! Feed your soul with so much gratitude for your life and the fact that you can i... read more
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10 Reasons You Should Move To The Grand Valley Beautiful Scenery! Where else in the world can you live within incredible mountain valley walls with 360 degree stunning views? From the mysterious Bookcliffs on the North, adjoining to famous Mt. Garfield, to the wondrous Colorado National Monument on the South; which includes Rim Rock Drive, winding in and out of vast and sheer, red rock canyon walls!   Grand Junction, Colorado’s awesome Climate! On average the Grand Valley receives 245 day... read more
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